All for the future of the mother earth

FINE FOOD JAPAN Inc. makes our endeavor for your child’s future with high-quality food and products.

Agricultural products affectionately cultivated by reliable farmers on the fertile land. Healthy and Safety foods under the proper environment.

Our company will be the bridge between a producer and a consumer. We make efforts to see a lot of smiles of the farmers and the people who eat their products for many years.


FINE FOOD JAPAN Inc., a food distributer, finds reliable agricultural and livestock producers around Japan,
and provides their high-quality and artisanal ingredients for our domestic customers,
which are hard to appear in the market.
Now, we’re expanding our business and exporting Japanese food products abroad.
We make every endeavor to satisfy our customers.


Export and sales of beef, fruits, processed foods
Offer techniques of individual beef cutting and a variety of recipes


Purchase and sale of beef, fruits, vegetables
Manufacture and sale of processed foods



I was born and raised on a land full of nature, and I used to live with my parents, who had been farming there. Because of aging of the farming population, decreasing cultivated lands and increasing imported foods in recent years, I’ve been feeling a sense of danger in this situation and wondering how the primary industry would be going in the future.

I started the business hoping that every child in the future would eat healthy and safety food and products cultivated under the proper environment. Through the expansion of distributing high-quality foods, I’d like to expand the worth of the local resources and make farmers much happier.
I hope that there’ll be full of food on the fertile land for the children in 100 years.

Yoshihiko Katahira, Executive Director


Company Name Fine Food Japan Inc.
Company Representative Yoshihiko Katahira, Executive Director
Head Office 1-8-2, Nukiyayoigaoka, Kokuraminami-ku Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka, 800-0234, Japan
TEL/FAX +81-93-482-4456
facebook @finefoodjapan
Skype ID ffj0510
Established May 10 2017
Principal Activities Purchase and sale of beef, fruits, vegetables Manufacture and sale of processed foods